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For over a decade, Tim Wills has discovered the intrinsic personal value of setting goals and pushing beyond perceived limitations through the sport of running. Engaging in team sports growing up, he later began to venture into marathons and triathlons. Upon completing his first ultramarathon, he learned first-hand how the opportunity changed the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of self. An enthusiast of running races which range from 5K to beyond the 100-mile distance, he believes everyone is capable of accomplishing a greater capacity with the right mental approach. Through coaching, Tim guides runners of various experience levels from the preliminary stages of goal-setting and the application of training, to race-day and the accomplishment of crossing the finish line. The philosophy of seeking endless possibility is ongoing, and the reaching of new heights is merely a new beginning.

As a UESCA certified running coach, there is no greater satisfaction than assisting others in finding success. Tim is currently practicing as a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant in Miami, Fl., and has a unique understanding of Kinesiology and Exercise Science. He also has a Bachelor’s of Science degree and plans on pursuing an MS degree in Sport Psychology.

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